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2 Minutes To Automate Your Accounting And Data Entry

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Securely connect to QuickBooks and get access to all of the functionality.

Step 1: Connect to QuickBooks

Orchard Functionality Includes:


Stripe Integration


Square Integration

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Scan To QBO

Expense Reporting

Receipt Capture

Sign Up for a Free 14 Day Trial to See How Orchard Can Save You Time

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Step 2: Configure Rules & Settings

Rules & Settings 

Below are some examples of user rules and settings

Automatic Sync

Automatically sync data from Stripe & Square into QuickBooks on a nightly basis.


Turn on Alerts to flag specific transactions that are sent to the Alerts For Review folder.

Product Mapping

Easily map products from your e-commerce system and website to QuickBooks Online

Batch Payments

When turned on all credit card sales and recurring payments will be batched into a single sales receipt on a daily basis

Create User Roles & Permissions

Create and grant users permission to perform certain tasks or have accees to certain accounts.

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We automatically create the proper transaction and journal entries in QBO -  All you have to do is nothing.


Supports all transaction types like Charges, ACH Payments, Invoices, Subscriptions, Fees, Applied Balances, Returns, Payouts, Disputes and more


Capture Detailed info such as Date, Customer Name, Address, Total Amount, Product Name, Quantity, Rate, Stripe Fees, Discount, Sales Tax, Shipping and Tips.

Set up rules, and turn on specific settings to determine level of automation.

14 Day Free Trial

We give you 14 days to experience all the functionality Orchard Connect provides for free.

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