Spending Too Much Time Entering Data From Stripe Into QuickBooks Online?



We make Stripe talk with QuickBooks Online on a deep level so that you can capture & sync ALL of your data.

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We give you 14 days to experience all the functionality Orchard Connect provides for free. We'll even help you set up your account for free!

We don’t just enter your data into QuickBooks Online.

We enter it the way your Accountant would.

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Step 2:

Payments, Fees & Refunds Entered

Step 1:

Transaction Captured

Step 3:

Payments, Fees, Refunds & Disputes Sent to Undeposited Account

Undeposited Account


Step 4

Reconcile the payments against Payouts

Easy to Set Up

Connect In 5

Connect your Stripe & Square account to QBO through our guided setup wizard. You’ll be up and running in less than 5 minutes.

Automatic Sync

The data automatically Syncs every night or you can manually sync on demand. You can also import selected transactions from any time period.

View Anywhere

View all the synchronized data in our centralized platform or in QuickBooks Online.

 Ideal for Small Businesses and Bookkeepers.

Small Businesses

Nothing to install, and easy to set up. You’ll be up and running in minutes with our self guided setup wizard.

Link multiple Stripe accounts to multiple QBO companies.


Easily connect and manage all of your client's QBO connections in a centralized platform.

Set alerts to flag transactions before they are synced.

 Our one of a kind features will help you spend less time collecting and entering data and more time connecting with your customers.

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Centralized Platform

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Invoices/Recurring Payments

Sales tax.png

Sales Tax

Two Way Sync.png

Two Way Sync

Automated Sync _ Roll Back.png

Automated Sync

& Roll Back

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Matching Products To QBO

Notification Rules.png

Notification Rules

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User Roles



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Field Mapping

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Centralized Platform


Manage All Your QuickBooks Businesses From One Place


 Sync While You Sleep

 Sync Charges, Orders, ACH Payments, Invoices, Subscriptions, Fees, Returns, Refunds, Payouts and Disputes.

Automatic Sync

Let Orchard Connect automatically sync in the background and set up rules to notify you when you need to review a transaction.

Roll It Back

Allows you to undo any synced transaction with no harm to your books.

Sync On Demand

Select the sync button whenever you want to initiate a sync.

Import Old Data

Run a search and manually import selected transactions from any time period to load all your current and past data.


Batch Payments

When turned on, credit card charges will be batched on a daily basis on a single sales receipt.

In the sales receipt, product subtotal per product sold, shipping, discounts, bank fees and sales tax are automatically calculated. 

Each data field is represented by a single line item


Manage Invoices Better

Orchard will automatically sync open Invoices from Stripe to QuickBooks and update them as paid in both systems, whether the Invoices are paid through Stripe or entered directly in QBO.

Run outstanding A/R reports on outstanding Invoices by syncing open invoices from Stripe.

Recurring Payments (Subscriptions) are also automatically created as Sales Receipts unless the subscription remains open (non-payment, etc) in QuickBooks.

Know What You're Selling

Match products from Stripe to your products in QuickBooks.

Leverage our Product Mapping Tool to match a product from Stripe to a product in QuickBooks.

You can automatically create a new product if no product match is found.

Create a rule so that when the software is unable to match a product then it will automatically notify you in order to create a new match.

Make sure you are tracking all your Sales Tax data.


Customize What Data You Capture From Stripe

Our Data Field Mapping Tool allows you to select specific data from Stripe that you want mapped to a specific field in QuickBooks.

The Field Mapping Tool is ideal for capturing data from ‘unorganized/messy’ data sets from Stripe and helping get the data cleanly into QuickBooks.

If you have Sales Tax data in Stripe, map it to be used directly to each QuickBooks transaction.

Calculate Sales Tax

Keep up to date on your Sales Tax obligations. We enable you to decide on how you want to keep track of your Sales Tax by selecting one of these options from a drop down.


Create Rules To Flag Transactions That Need Review

This feature is great when you are letting Orchard automatically sync the data from Stripe to QuickBooks but you want to make sure you are notified about specific transactions.

When a transaction is flagged it will automatically be sent to the To Be Reviewed Folder.

You can create the following rules:

Reconciliation Made Easy

A clearing account is automatically created in QuickBooks called ‘Stripe’ during setup (you can edit this) that keeps a tally of all transactions (Sales, paid Invoices, Subscriptions, Fees and Refunds) separate from Payouts that are received from Stripe in a different account.

After a payout occurs from Stripe, the payout will be deposited into a separate account in QuickBooks.

Log into QuickBooks and open up Banking to simply match which items have been deposited into your account.


Synchronize Your Contacts & Products between Stripe & QuickBooks Online

Automatically keep your contacts and products up to date in both Stripe and QuickBooks with our sync feature. 

You can turn on sync one way, so that only contacts are syncing from QuickBooks to Stripe or Stripe to QuickBooks or turn on the two way sync feature so both systems are up to date.

You can also automatically create products in Stripe from existing products in QuickBooks. If you turn this sync on, then new products created in QuickBooks will automatically sync to Stripe.

Create User Roles & Permissions

unlimited access_02.png

User roles and permissions make it easy to give different members in your organization access to certain accounts.

You can create up to three different roles per QuickBooks account: Master Admin, Admin and Employee.

This feature is ideal for bookkeeping and accounting firms



Automated generated reports that aggregate all the information from all the different payment systems that are connected to QuickBooks.

Deposit Report provides you with all the transactions involved in a payout/transfer so you can easily match it to the bank deposit amount.

Product Sales Report provides you with a quick and simple view as to how many products were sold and is sortable by date and product type.


Easy to set up and connect to existing currency accounts or set up new bank accounts dedicated to a specific currency.

Exchange rate is determined by date of payment and uses the most up to date exchange rate from Markit.

Works with credit card charges, orders, invoices and recurring subscriptions.