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Capture All Your Accounting Documents The Way You Want To Capture Them

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Why Orchard Connect Document Capture?

Get rid of paper.png

Get Rid of Your Paper

Scan and email all of your accounting docs directly into QBO with a single touch.

automated data.png

Automatic Data Extraction

Eliminate data entry with all the documents that you capture with Orchard.

for everyone.png

Access for Everyone

Turn a single QBO account into company-wide access with user specific security.

everything backed up.png

Everything Backed Up

Turn your cloud back up provider into a digital filing cabinet for easy search and retrieval.

Simplify the Process

easy to capture.png

Easy to Capture

Use your mobile device, scanner, forward emails or upload from your computer.

eliminate data entry.png

Eliminate Data Entry

We use OCR to read and extract the data from the document captured.

straight into qbo.png

Straight into QBO

No middleman software. Everything you capture goes straight into QBO attached to the transaction.

 Our one of a kind features will help you spend less time collecting and entering data and more time connecting with your customers.

Select a feature to learn more about it or continuing scrolling

Centerlized platform.png

One Platform

Manage your Documents, Stripe transactions, and Expenses in one place.

email forward.png

Email Forward

Send email attachments directly into QuickBooks from your email system.

one touch buttons.png

One Touch Actions

Easily create One Touch buttons for your most frequent tasks.

intelligent data entry.png

Intelligent Data Entry

User our Intelligent Text Recognition to eliminate data entry.

send to destinations.png

Send to Destinations

Send to QuickBooks Online, Email, FTP, Dropbox and more.

unlimited access_02.png

Unlimited Users with Access Levels

Create an account for every member of your organization with different access.

scan to quick book.png

Scan to QuickBooks

Scan all your paper straight into QuickBooks. No more upload and browse needed.

image link.png

Image Linked with Transaction

Every transaction is linked with all corresponding documents images.

auto backup_02.png

Auto Backup

Auto backup all of your accounting documents.

Centralized Platform

Centralized Platform.png
Centralized Platfom

Eliminate Data Entry With Intelligent Text Recognition

Stop entering data and let Orchard do the work for you. The software will read Vendor, Date, Amount and Expense Category.

You can easily edit any of the fields.

innovative data entry.png
Text recognition

 Scan Your Paper Straight Into QuickBooks With A Single Touch

Eliminate the cumbersome process of logging into QuickBooks, searching for a transaction, and then browsing and uploading the corresponding document.

Save time and scan directly into QBO while creating the transaction in a single step.

You can even create One Touch actions that will capture the document and create the transaction with a single touch.

scan paper.png
quick book

Send Email Attachments Directly Into QuickBooks From Your Email System


Forward emails and their attachments right into QuickBooks from any email system.


Orchard Connect will provide each user with a dedicated email address so you can send and save your attachments or the email body as a PDF directly to the transaction.


Eliminate the cumbersome process of opening the attachment, saving it, and then logging in to QuickBooks to search, browse and upload.

send email attachments.png
email forward

Send To Email, FTP, Dropbox, Box & Google

Easily scan, snap pictures, and forward emails to your favorite cloud destinations like Dropbox, Google, Box, email, FTP and Email.

Set up One Touch actions that will send whatever you are capturing to the specific cloud folder, email or QuickBooks transaction.

You can even share One Touch actions to other users giving them precise and controlled access to specific destinations without giving them login information for that destination.

send to email drive.png
send via cloud services

Every Transaction Is Linked With All Corresponding Document Images

Every image captured is automatically stored inside of QuickBooks (and backed up to your favorite cloud provider if you set it up) and linked to the transaction that you associated it with.

The file will be saved as a PDF or image (based on user preference) inside of QuickBooks.

Image attachment.png
Link stuff

Easily Create One Touch Buttons For Your Most Frequent Tasks


For those frequent tasks, you can simply create a One Touch button that will automatically send your document to their final destination with a single touch.


For QuickBooks transactions, you can pre-fill out data fields like vendor, amount, expense category, account and any associated line item details.


For other destinations like Dropbox, Box, Google, etc., you can select specific folders in the cloud destination.


You can even pre-select scanner settings like color vs B&W, DPI or 1 vs 2 sided scans.

One touch buttons.png
One touch
All users

 Create An Account For Every Member Of Your Organization


Provide the entire organization with granular access to QuickBooks without the cost.


Create and grant each user specific permission to perform certain tasks like create an Expense Report, submit an Estimate or process a Return.


Users can capture information by scanning, snapping a picture with their mobile device or by forwarding an email.


For Expense Reports, a document with the expense details is sent to the approver (if approver workflow is turned on) or just sent directly into QuickBooks Online. No messy integrations, and no third party middleware.

Unlimited users.png

Auto Back Up All Of Your Accounting Documents


Orchard will automatically keep a transaction record of everything you capture through the system in your defined cloud destination like Dropbox or Google Drive.


You can also set up a cloud destination backup of everything you capture eliminating the need to go to the actual accounting transaction to find the support documentation you need.

Auto backup
auto backup.png
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