Easily Capture & Organize All Of Your Expenses

Work from one platform you trust instead of creating work-arounds to run your business

Receipt Capture

Capture receipts via mobile app, scanner or forward emails into QuickBooks

Expense Reporting

Integrated expense reporting system with approvals and receipt mobile capture.

Scan To QuickBooks

Scan your paper & forward emails directly into QuickBooks with a single touch.

Receipt Capture

Expense Reporting

Scan To QuickBooks

We've Simplified the Process

Quick Capture

Use your mobile device, scanner, forward emails or upload from your computer.

Data Extracted

We use OCR to read and extract the data from the document captured.

Auto Backup

Turn your cloud backup provider into a digitl filing cabinet for easy retrieval.

Straight Into QBO

Everything you capture goes straight into QBO attached to the transaction.

The Solution For Your Whole Business

Commerce System

Automatically syncs data from your Commerce system. 

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