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If You Love Doing Your Expense Reports, Then This Solution Is Not For You

Expense Reporting built inside of QuickBooks.

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Expense Reporting Made Easy


Capture Expenses

Capture Expenses by scanning, snapping a picture, forwarding an email or uploading a document.


Manager Approval

Data routed to approver (if set up).

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Sent To Quickbooks

Receipt with data is sent directly into QuickBooks.

Expense Capture

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Snap Receipts

Quickly snap a picture with your smartphone for quick receipt capture on the go. The receipt will automatically be added to your Expense Report and stored in QuickBooks.

scan receipts.png

Scan Receipts

Use any scanner to scan your receipts and capture all of your paper.

email forward.png

Email Forward

Do you receive Expenses and Receipts via email? Simply forward them and their attachment directly into your Expense Report.

anutomated data .png

Automated Data Extraction

Our data extraction technology will read the information from the Receipt like date, amount, vendor and auto assign an Expense category.


Manager approvals.png

Manager Approvals

Allow employees to send their Expense Reports directly into QuickBooks or leverage the built in workflow requiring Manager approval before final submission.


Reimbursable Expenses

Monies owed to employees will automatically be aggregated and summarized and included when its time to run payroll.


Auto-Invoice Billable Expenses

Billable Expenses captured by employees will automatically be aggregated and sent to the client as an invoice.

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Unlimited Users

Create as many users as needed and only grant them access to the appropriate transactions. No per user charge or per document submitted.

Built In Quickbooks

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No Configuration Needed

No exporting, no mapping of fields, and no delays. Users select existing QuickBooks Expense categories so you don't have to try to make sense of the data later on.



Use your regular QuickBooks reporting functionality to run reports. Billable vs Reimbursable is automatically split up so you can see what your spending internally and with clients.

real time accounting.png

Real-time Accounting

Once the Expense Report is finalized, the data is live in QuickBooks. No syncing required.

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File & Search

Orchard Connect will auto file and backup all of your documents in QuickBooks to your favorite cloud storage making it easy to find all your documents in a snap.

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